Rudraksha Mala


A Rudraksha mala is commonly made by using five mukhi rudraksha beads which are available easily. From research papers was published by Dr. Subhas Rai of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras, India, rudraksha healing power comes from its electromagnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are placed above the heart they act to stabilize the heartbeat, like a magnet the beads work by the principle of dynamic polarity where the smooth induction of electrical impulses and transmitted to the opposite polarity and intensity.

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There are various theories for example:

The nervous system of the body is controlled by the autonomic nerves close to the heart and the heart is regulated by these nerves. These nerves are extremely small but they are spread all over the body and control the functions of heart, blood vessels, stomach, mind, eyes etc. So, When a rudraksha mala worn close to the heart it impacts these nerves and thereby the entire body system. As the flow of electromagnetic currents through rudraksha gives only positive energies. Therefore, it has been found that by wearing Rudraksha brings in health, happiness, calmness, and prosperity.

The mala can be made using cotton, silk, silver, copper or gold. If it is thread, it can be red or black. The rudraksha beads should be strung face to face and tail to tail. The natural shape of rudraksha is such that when strung face to face and tail to tail, the beads will maintain natural distance and look balanced.

After each bead is strung, the maker should utter Om to remember the supreme lord for ending and restarting the effort. To ensure that two beads do not touch each other, use a bigger knot (knot diameter should be twice the hole diameter), in case a thread is being used. Alternatively, use metal wire loops and caps to make the bead rigid so that it does not rotate. If rudraksha bead rotates using a metal wire then the bead will get damaged due to friction of rudraksha with the metal wire.

For higher mukhi beads which are rare and expensive always use wool thread inside the hole of rudraksha bead even if metal wires are being used so that these do not get spoiled over a long period of time may be several years due to friction in case the bead becomes free.

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